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Paperback, 120 pages.

Eraser Blue

AU$8.00 Regular Price
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  • He was mysterious, brooding and sexy. 
    She was his for only one night. 
    It was a night she would never forget. 
    His rules have changed. 
    Now he’s back. He’s staking his claim. 
    He is done with waiting. 
    He is the powerful drug that Mackenzie craves. 
    She wants more - wants him - whoever he is... 

    Please Note: This novella was written as the continuation of the original Eraser novella. This, the second book of the series, picks up right where Eraser ended. You need to read that first. Mature 18+ readers only. Contains explicit sex scenes and light BDSM undertones.

    Book 2 in the Eraser series.

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