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I'm a married mother of three that lives in a small town in country New South Wales, Australia. I'm a bookaholic and if I'm not found tapping away at the laptop, you will find me hiding from the kids with my kindle, iPad or a paperback in hand. My other passion is music. I love everything from indie alternative to hard rock, pop to retro, and I love to play it LOUD! 

Yes, I have an unhealthy addiction to books, I love to read them, live them and write them. I love books that are full of angst, heartbreak and breathtaking romance, tragedy, everyday issues and not-so-everyday fantasies. I love swoon-worthy bad boys and hot and steamy sex scenes, edge-of-your-seat drama, twists, turns and surprises. And most importantly, happily-ever-afters!


My first self-published novel Finding My Way was released in June 2013. It's the first in a new adult romance trilogy. It's a tale of love and friendship and finding your path in life. The second book, Crossroads, was released in September 2013 and the third, New Beginnings, was finally published in August 2015.  This series is best read in order, though New Beginnings can be read as a stand-alone.  The Finding My Way series was recently picked up by a publisher!  Vasko Books has all three books, plus a boxed set, published with all new sexy covers, exclusive to iBooks.


I released a stand-alone adult contemporary romance novel called How to Liv, in January 2014.  It's a real life, fairy-tale romance about a couple of Aussie sweethearts named Joel and Olivia. It's a tale of how a chance encounter can change your life. It's a story I cherish and I really hope more people read this one.

In October, 2013, I published an erotic novella called Eraser.  It's a story about a bar tender named Mackenzie who goes home with a handsome, mysterious stranger for one night of passion. It was only ever meant to be a fun little distraction but the response to it was overwhelming and so I decided to continue Mack and Sir's story. It's now a six part series full of cliffhangers, sexy goodness and an exciting journey into a beautiful relationship. The novellas vary between 17,000 words and 32,000 words each and are permanently set at 99c to download.  Eraser: The Complete Collection is my most recent release.  It's a boxed set of all six Eraser ebooks and is now available across ALL leading online retailers.

All of my published books are available in ebook and paperback format at various retailers.  Signed paperbacks can be purchased directly through this website via the store tab.


My next book is titled Xander & Tilly.  It's a stand-alone novel best described as a 'coming of age, love/hate romance'.  Publishing date not yet confirmed.

Be warned, my books have a distinct Aussie flavour (ie. ass = arse) as I believe if a book is set in Australia it should stay true to that.  My spelling is UK English and I may have the odd slang word you aren't used to, references to Vegemite, Tim Tams, lamingtons and the odd 'G'day' are a given. However, my Eraser series is set in Chicago and therefore I have tried to stick to American spelling and terminology. If you have an early version of book one you will notice there is 'realise' where you might expect 'realize' or a 'colour' where you expect 'color' (which still looks quite wrong to me!) but I assure you I am improving! It is hard to change what you've always known, I learnt English from the English. LOL

Music plays a huge part in my life.  When I'm writing I find a lot of inspiration from listening to music.  As the stories unfold I find that I can't help including the songs I'm listening to at the time. The playlists I include in the beginning of my books have songs that are mentioned in the story, as well as songs I just imagined to be playing in the background of particular scenes. They are also important to me because the music lets you get to know the characters in my books.  You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they listen to and why should made-up people be any different?  I have Spotify playlists for all of my books and even though some songs are not available I do hope that you'll give them a listen.  Find my Spotify profile HERE.

When I'm not writing, I'm concentrating on my book cover design business, Designed With Grace.  You can check out my website HERE

I love hearing from readers so feel free to drop me a line or stop by my Facebook page to say G'day! 

Happy reading!

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