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The Finding My Way Series

The Finding My Way trilogy is centred around a bunch of 'twenty-somethings' that are finding their path in life.  This series is set in Australia and is of the new adult romance genre.  The books do need to be read in order, though there are no cliffhangers, and the third book can be read as a stand-alone without missing out on too much.

Finding My Way
New Beginnings

Now published on iBooks through Vasko Books:

Finding My Way
Finding My Way / Crossroads
Finding My Way / New Beginnings

Also available in an ebook boxed set, exclusive to iBooks and published through Vasko Books:

Finding My Way Complete Series
The Eraser Series

What started out as a little erotic novella (with a bit of BDSM) was turned into a series that has evolved into a sexy, hot romance.  Sir and Mackenzie's story is set in Chicago.


Please Note:  This six part series must be read in order!

Each novella ends on a cliffhanger.

Luckily the complete series is now available so there's no need to wait!  


P.S. Don't say his name!  Please keep HIS name out of reviews and comments.

Eraser Blue
Eraser Lilac
Eraser Crimson
Eraser Amber
Eraser Platinum

Now available in an ebook boxed set

& complete collection paperback:

Eraser Series Complete
Eraser Complete Series
Stand-alone Novels

Both of these stories are set in Australia and are what I would class as 'real life' adult contemporary romance novels.  Though completely different to each other, I feel both books offer characters and situations you can relate to quite easily.

How to Liv
Xander & Tilly
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