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ERASER: The Complete Collection

He was the man with no name … 
Sexy, demanding, mysterious. 

From behind the bar, she knew his routine – with the lift of his finger scotch and women were his. 

She knew his game and she was willing to play.

Yet for Mackenzie, one encounter wasn’t enough. She was hooked and he was the drug that she craved. 

He told her one night, no repeats, but Mackenzie had captured his attention. As a businessman, he wasn’t opposed to bending the rules to get deals done ... but for her he might just break them. 

Nothing about staking his claim on the intelligent and beautiful Mackenzie was going to be simple. 

Desire and need they have, it’s honesty and trust they need to work on. 

And secrets always have a way of complicating things...


Eraser Complete

Volumes One to Six

"Believe me, there are no shades of any colour in this book, Eraser is RED HOT and full on. An excellent read."

- Amazon reviewer

"I was addicted from the first page and each and every page thereafter. This series has it all ... a hot sexy man, strong independent leading lady, amazeball best friends, suspense, drama and some hot hot sex." - Dana, Goodreads reviewer

"If you are not into hot, steamy, very erotic sex scenes then this series is not for you. If you are then pick up a copy because this has all that and more."

- Amazon reviewer

Eraser series playlist

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