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Volume Six

He believes his life begins and ends with her.


She believes in staying true to herself.


Together they have overcome so many obstacles, yet happiness still eludes them.

Their lives may be heading in different directions …
And that truth will cause them pain.


Can they come back to the same path and walk it together?

Or will they be forced to go their separate ways?


Eraser Platinum

"A perfect ending to what has been an incredible series."

- Susan, Goodreads reviewer

"Eraser Platinum brings this story full circle, what started out as a short erotic bdsm themed novella, has turned into a epic story about love, forgiveness and redemption. Keith has woven a story that draws you in, holds you captive and leaves you wanting more." - Glass Paper Ink Bookblog

"It was EPIC and the ending gave me the closure I need leaving me with a huge ass grin, a full heart and tears in my eyes!

God that was good!

Megan, you rocked my world on that one! Bravo!"

- A is for Alpha B is for Books



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