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Riveting Reads ... It's a wrap!

Oh, what fun I had on my trip to Brisbane for the Riveting Reads Australia Author Event last weekend. The 15-hour long drive was worth it. The venue was great and in a gorgeous location, too. We had a fantastic view overlooking the river and South Bank from our room at the Mercure:

This was the first event where I’ve not only been an author but a sponsor, too. Designed with Grace is my side business, so it was particularly exciting for me to see the logo I designed, in use and on display in the foyer of the hotel.

I loved spotting the logo all day long, on tshirts, bags and, thanks to the awesomeness that is Signature Swag (who kindly donated), badges all day long, too!

So many hours of work went into designing and maintaining the website and producing the graphics used in the lead up to the event, so it made it particularly satisfying as a sponsor to see it all coming to fruition.

This signing was the first time my hubby, David, has attended one of these events and I’ve gotta say he didn’t do too badly - he was a great help as my muscle and assistant!

The vibe at the signing was one of the most relaxed I’ve seen, which is a testament to the organisers and the venue itself. It was so good to see all the happy, smiling faces and to catch up with friends, new and old. A highlight for me was meeting this lovely lady who'd travelled all the way from the UK:

I was already a fan of Charlotte Fallowfield’s work, and we had connected via Facebook but that’s not quite the same as seeing someone in real life. And that’s what these events are all about! CJ, it was a pleasure to meet you, finally! Maybe we’ll meet again somewhere else around the globe one day.

The hubs and I spent four days exploring the city of Brisbane and I absolutely fell in love with it! We did the Brisbane Wheel, a river cruise, the river walk, South Bank market, ate lots of yummy food and did plenty of shopping! Here’s some of my happy snaps:

Thank you, Erin, Marina and Jackie, of MI Bookshelf, for making it all possible. And thanks to all the volunteers for putting on such a successful event! It was great to be involved. Thanks for having me!

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