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Paperback, 281 pages.

New Beginnings

  • Starting over in a new city brings new challenges … 

    The whirlwind romance Seth had with Emma may have been short-lived, but that doesn’t mean their break-up was any less difficult. Letting go of her is proving to be harder than Seth anticipated.

    In the midst of his new job, new routine, and a new circle of friends, he meets the beautiful and feisty, Bianca. His head tells him he wants nothing more than friendship from her, but his heart soon proves to have other ideas. The problem with that is Bianca makes it abundantly clear she wants nothing more than friendship from him.

    Is Seth letting his feelings take him down the painful road to heartache again? Or will it turn out to be the best move of his life?


    Book 3 in the Finding My Way series.  While it is best to read this series in order, New Beginnings can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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